I am not a native of Lubbock, nor even of Texas. I was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana, spent a couple of years living in Glasgow, Scotland, and then landed in Lubbock where I've been ever since. Have a look!

18 March 2007


This rather lovely building is the college of education. It has just been built in the last few years; I am not certain when it was completed, but it was under construction when I first moved here (seven years ago). I used to take the bus through campus and it all looked like a big mess then; I am glad to see how nice it looks now!

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Erin Henderson said...

Hey! It was fun to find your note on my blog. Now I've found yours and have enjoyed seeing pictures of Lubbock. Now I know where to go if I want to show Mexican friends pics of where I am from.

Do you work at South Plains, or is it just voluntary? We went to South Plains for a while with the CHildren's HOme, but didn't get to know many people since we were preoccupied with kids.

Best wishes from us!