I am not a native of Lubbock, nor even of Texas. I was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana, spent a couple of years living in Glasgow, Scotland, and then landed in Lubbock where I've been ever since. Have a look!

30 April 2007

If your car needs repair...

I've never had need of this shop (thank goodness!) but he always has a clever picture on the windows.

29 April 2007

Where the fun is

Joyland is the local amusement park, whose tagline is "Where the fun is". I have never been there myself, so I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of fun at Joyland.

28 April 2007

New Streelights

Some new streelights that are part of a "revitalisation" of a formerly run-down area of town.

27 April 2007

A bit retro as well.

This, I suppose, is the "official" name of the NTS building from yesterday. I just liked the look of the sign-- what with the recent comeback of all things 60s, this sign may have been here as long as the building, or it may have just arrived a few years ago.

26 April 2007

The NTS Building

... possibly also known as, "This one isn't going anywhere!"
This is the tallest building in Lubbock (as far as I can tell), and according to Wikipedia, is "believed to be the tallest building ever to survive a direct hit from an F-5 tornado". A remembrance of the building's condition after the tornado is here, along with many other stories about the tornado that came through in spring 1970.

25 April 2007

Blue skies ahead.

I seem to take a lot of sky pictures! I think in this one I was trying to catch the plane, but the cloud left behind is nice, too.

24 April 2007

Will it ever be open again?

Roadworks are a way of life in any city, of course, but I am beginning to fear that this particular project may not be completed in my lifetime.

23 April 2007

If only.

A string of wacky weather has limited my cycling the past few weeks, and I am so ready to get going again!

22 April 2007

Perhaps it was cloaked?

A friend of ours had surgery here recently; it is only about four blocks from my work and I had never seen it before!

21 April 2007

20 April 2007

If only I had some lettuce.

The other of the set of planters, sitting on the opposite side of the door.

19 April 2007


It's working today! Brilliant! These very clever planters sit outside Souper!Salad!, an aptly-named restaurant. No prizes for guessing what they serve. :)

18 April 2007

Can't get anything to post today.

I've tried four different photos, with no success. Check back tomorrow.

17 April 2007

In memory.

Today students at Texas Tech had a moment of silence at noon in honour of the Virginia Tech students who were killed yesterday. Many of them stopped in Memorial Circle, so this seemed like an appropriate picture today.

16 April 2007

This photo amuses me

And so I decided to share it with everyone! I was cycling, my husband was running (training for a half-marathon), and I was trying to get photos of him training. I took this over my shoulder and obviously I missed getting him in the shot, although he managed to get part of himself in it!

15 April 2007

It's not quite the whole world

I love this fountain. I do not know what inspired it, but I think it is great.
If all goes well, I intend to post requested photos this week!

14 April 2007


The person driving would not stop to let me take a photo of the windmills, hence the quality of the shot! These are not actually in Lubbock; I went out of town overnight and these were on the way.

13 April 2007

11 April 2007

Awww... someone does care.

As a cyclist, I am really happy to see these signs.

10 April 2007

Let's go shopping!

We spend quite a lot of our time and money in this supermarket. It does amuse me that they seem to think the car park is large enough to have labels (hence the "D") to help people find their cars.

09 April 2007

07 April 2007

I thought I was finished with snow pictures...

But winter wasn't quite ready to let go!

06 April 2007


My grandfather spends a lot of time, money and effort getting these things out of his yard. I, however, am not opposed to them. That could be because I do not own a yard.

05 April 2007

A foggy morning

Adds a bit of mystery to an otherwise ordinary street!

04 April 2007

Too windy to land?

I hope I never need it, but the hospital has a landing spot for the emergency helicopters to land-- in west Texas said helicopters are called the "Flight for Life".

03 April 2007

(Nice) Office Space

This little building just has offices, but it does have a very peaceful look about it.

02 April 2007

I don't know what this is.

It was put up recently enough to have bare dirt around it, and apparently recently enough that they haven't put up any identifiers.

01 April 2007

USPS, at your service

I was hoping for something more unusual than this, but alas, did not find anything.

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