I am not a native of Lubbock, nor even of Texas. I was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana, spent a couple of years living in Glasgow, Scotland, and then landed in Lubbock where I've been ever since. Have a look!

29 June 2007

The Doors

The Ski Lubbock shop also has really nice gates and doors.

28 June 2007

But I need ski poles NOW!

Naturally, the store does not see a lot of business during the summer.

27 June 2007

Didn't even know you could!

It seems a bit ludicrous to have a shop called "Ski Lubbock" since the nearest place to ski is at least a 4-hour drive away, and our average yearly snowfall is somewhere around 8 inches. And yet, here it is!

26 June 2007

Let's Go Skiing!

This is a shop I'll post some closer pics of in the next couple of days, but I wanted to start off with the big picture.

24 June 2007

The stair to nowhere

Okay, so there is a door there.

23 June 2007

Taking a Rest

This little fellow was very patient while I took several pictures of him.

13 June 2007

11 June 2007

10 June 2007

A Nice Place to Eat

With a rather photogenic sign!

09 June 2007

A bit battered.

Unfortunately, the entire shopping centre is maintained about as well as this sign.

07 June 2007

Sounds bright.

You'd have a colourful tongue after one of these!

06 June 2007

Let there be light...

Of course, it isn't really necessary at 3 in the afternoon.

03 June 2007

The Chamber

Oh, my, this blog seems to have disintegrated into "Lubbock Some Days Photo." Please accept my apologies as I try to get everything around here settled down again!

I have some photos in mind that I'm looking forward to sharing, and I haven't forgotten the requests I received! I am hoping to get to them all soon, but hesitate to give a time frame, because there is no telling what is going to happen next.