I am not a native of Lubbock, nor even of Texas. I was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana, spent a couple of years living in Glasgow, Scotland, and then landed in Lubbock where I've been ever since. Have a look!

01 March 2007

Construction Zone

These men were not only at work, but were also enduring another dust storm (notice the brown sky above)!

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Gerald England said...

four working and three watching
not a bad ratio!

Dsole said...

Oh, it's really hard then, so windy!
I like your point of view, the red car over there seems really huge besides those men!
Or those men seem so tiny!
You know, that reminds me of Doozers in Fraggel Rock!! Do you rememeber it?
so funny! ;)

Olivier said...

un travail vraiment tres dur. belle composition de ta photo. je decouvre ton blog, j'aime bien.

a work really very hard. beautiful composition of your photograph. I discover your blog, I like.

Ben said...

Working under dust storm?
I bet it's hard in such a hush condition.

Ham said...

No time off for bad weather, then ? ;-)

denton said...

This looks a lot like home. Although I live in Greenville South Carolina I grew up north of Amarillo so I know what you are experiencing with the dust storm.

Helen said...

I hate dust storms! And they look very busy indeed. Nice photo!

Su said...

gerald: The man off to the far right never moved, the whole time I was taking pictures. I don't know what his job was, exactly.

dsole: I was thinking of Fraggle Rock while watching these men, actually! :)

ham: If they took time off every time we have a dust storm, they'd never be done. Of course, they may never be done, anyway.

Su said...

olivier: Thank you! That is very kind. And now you've inspired me to work harder at French. :)

ben: Yes, I would hate to have to work outside this time of year!

denton: From all accounts, Amarillo has had much worse weather than we have all winter.

helen: Me, too. After taking pics of them working (I went outside on my lunch break) I had to go back to my desk smelling like dirt. Good thing I don't have asthma.