I am not a native of Lubbock, nor even of Texas. I was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana, spent a couple of years living in Glasgow, Scotland, and then landed in Lubbock where I've been ever since. Have a look!

31 March 2007

Seeing double

And another one, just because I had a hard time yesterday deciding which one I wanted to use! In this one the second rainbow is just visible. It was a lot more clear "in person"!

30 March 2007

A break in the rain

We are enjoying having large amounts of rain, especially when we get such nice compensation!

29 March 2007

A must-read

It would seem that punctuation is optional for all signs in Lubbock. (I've been reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves, so apparently I'm very punctuation-aware at the moment.)

28 March 2007


I love green leaves, long evenings, and sunshine! And shadows cast by said sunshine and green leaves in the evening.

27 March 2007

A very popular location

I admit, I have never once been inside Lubbock's Old Navy. But to hear everyone I know talk, it is the most popular place in town.

25 March 2007


This photo is actually a reflection in an office building of the stuff across the street. I couldn't get a decent shot without getting myself in it!

24 March 2007

If you want to see some football...

A university-themed week wouldn't be complete without a look at Jones stadium, where the Red Raiders play American football. And a couple other "signs of the times":

Corporate sponsorship and a reminder to the students to be nice. The fans at football games, and especially student fans, are not known to be gracious hosts. In fact, they have been known to throw tortillas, rubbish, and goodness knows what else during the game.

23 March 2007

A nice place to study

Part of the student centre; also recently built.

22 March 2007


I've been told this campus was designed after a Spanish town. It must have been a town that liked arches, because there are plenty of those on every building, which of course makes it look very nice. And this walkway is no exception.

21 March 2007

A band that goes

The University Band is quite good-- they are a treat both to hear and see! At first, I wondered if this was the "Goin' Van", but soon found that I was wrong:

20 March 2007

Experimental Science

This building made me think of the "smoking yet still impressive hole where the Alchemists' Guild had been up until yesterday" in Terry Prachett's book Soul Music.

19 March 2007

The University Library

Also known as "the radiator building", since that is more or less what it looks like.

18 March 2007


This rather lovely building is the college of education. It has just been built in the last few years; I am not certain when it was completed, but it was under construction when I first moved here (seven years ago). I used to take the bus through campus and it all looked like a big mess then; I am glad to see how nice it looks now!

17 March 2007


I have spent a sizeable portion of my Saturday morning photographing our local university, so this will be Texas Tech week here at Lubbock DP. (And since I'm starting on a Saturday, there will probably be eight days in this "week"!) This is the university seal, found at the main entrance. (Workmen had been repairing it a few minutes earlier; hence the blue glove sitting at the bottom.)

Since people were interested in the flooded park pictures, I posted a few more here.

16 March 2007

In the spirit of Red Nose Day...

... even though I'm across the pond!

15 March 2007


Although this was not intentional, I do like that the flowers in the foreground are blurry.

14 March 2007

Water, water everywhere

More of the playground under water.

13 March 2007

Swinging in the Rain

Two days of rain overflowed the playa lake in the park.

12 March 2007


We've been quite a few weeks now without any rain, so I have been delighted by the continual deluge of the past couple of days.

11 March 2007


Now that the warmer temperatures have arrived, most of our geese have headed back north.

10 March 2007


Another tree announces that spring is almost here!

09 March 2007

08 March 2007


We seem to have quite a few shiny buildings around here.

07 March 2007


Spring is coming, but we still have last autumn's leaves here and there.

06 March 2007

05 March 2007

What is it?

I kind of wish I'd been taking pictures of this construction site more regularly; they took apart the building that used to be here piece by piece, then for months there was nothing there, and now they are building again. No one seems to know what they are building, though.

04 March 2007

New Store

This new pharmacy opened in our neighbourhood last week.

03 March 2007


Another "setting sun" picture.

02 March 2007

Which way?

The setting sun can be a nuisance while driving, but it does lend itself to interesting-looking traffic signs (and lights!)

01 March 2007

Construction Zone

These men were not only at work, but were also enduring another dust storm (notice the brown sky above)!

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