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18 July 2007

A wee rest


Jilly said...

Love this. It says so much yet is so simple. The imagination works overtime to wonder who owns and rides this bike and to where.

Anonymous said...

I hope the whole bike was there when the owner got back. I saw in the newspapers a bike frame still chained to a tree. The thief took the rest of it and walked away.

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Hyde DP said...

ah the wee lonely thing

wouldn't last long on its own round here I suspect -- somebody'd be aff wi it

travelphilippines said...

bikes get tired too.

Su said...

Hee! The shops near the bike were all closed when I went by, so there's no telling where the owner was. Bikes do get stolen here, although not as much as in larger cities. I've worried about mine a few times, but it's always been there when I came back!