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02 February 2007

Icicle or Stalagmite?

I found this icicle frozen to the step in an upright position when I got home-- and another one on the step below it! My best guess is that when it fell off the eaves above, it landed upright in the snow, and then the snow melted and re-froze-- leaving a frozen icicle standing on the step by itself.


Gerald England said...

How do you remember the difference between stalagmites and stalagtites?

I always use the following mnemonic:

mites grow up
tights come down!

Su said...

Mine isn't as bright as that. I was taught that stalagmites, with a "g", come up from the ground, while stalactites, with a "c", come down from the ceiling. So obviously we use a different spelling here in the US, nothing new for us, I suppose!

Gerald England said...


stalactites yes

sorry it was past my bedtime when I wrote that!