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11 February 2007

Flying away

I love birds! I have no idea why gulls come to Lubbock, as we are thousands of miles from the ocean, but here they are. This one was not too happy that I wanted his picture.


Anonymous said...

But you managed well to catch it:)

Ravenchase Junkie said...

That is interesting that they come that far. We're only an hour or so from VA Beach and the gulls come here to eat when the seas are too stormy.

When we see them here, we know it means something big is happening on the Atlantic Ocean.

Gerald England said...

I was going to say -- an inland gull is usually a sign of bad weather at the coast -- but someone's alread said so, but I'll say it again anyway!

Su said...

Well, we have them here all the time, so I hope they do not mean continual bad weather at the coast. I'm sure they must get some nice days near the Gulf of Mexico!