I am not a native of Lubbock, nor even of Texas. I was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana, spent a couple of years living in Glasgow, Scotland, and then landed in Lubbock where I've been ever since. Have a look!

24 February 2007

Dust Storm

My husband said that blowing dirt should have been my theme photo this month, but dust storms do not come for the asking. Today, wanted or not, we have high wind and with that, blowing dirt and debris. This photo is of the courtyard of our apartment complex; not taken in sepia, not a scene from The Wizard of Oz, just part of life here in Lubbock. More pics of the dusty outdoors can be seen here.


Louis la Vache said...

OH MY! Lubbock may have changed a lot since Louis la Vache was last there, but Louis see that the sandstorms, alas, are still one of the dubious pleasures of living there! Louis remembers that these storms could sometimes last for several days and remembers more than one occassion when the winds driving all of that real estate past reached 100 miles per hour!

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Su said...

I don't think I've ever seen one of those, thank goodness! On Saturday we only got up to the 60 mph range, and I think Wednesday's storm was more like 45 mph.

Louis la Vache said...

45 - 60 mph winds will still move a lot of real estate!
Then there's the tornados....
Thank you, but Louis la Vache will take the earthquakes in CA.....
(while wishing he were still in Paris.)