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12 May 2007

Mooving Day

If you haven't been already, pop over to Lynn's blog to see the picture of the girl who was abducted while on holiday in Portugal... she could easily be anywhere by now.

Well, the city exchange was last week, but I dearly wanted to share this photograph. I'd only been in Indiana a few hours last Saturday when a neighbouring farmer needed to move his cattle from one pasture to another. So here they are, passing in front of my parents' house.

Again please do go look at the pictures on Lynn's blog. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Nice photo of black angus -- I think. There is a man here where I live, who raises the real old-fashioned "long horned" cattle. I need to get a picture of them.

I have celebrated this day, Mother's Day in my country, with a magazine cover for my wife. I hope you can see it.

Su said...

Thanks! I really don't know what they are, I've never paid much attention.