I am not a native of Lubbock, nor even of Texas. I was born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana, spent a couple of years living in Glasgow, Scotland, and then landed in Lubbock where I've been ever since. Have a look!

07 May 2007

# 100

The 100th Lubbock DP Post is this sculpture/seating area.


RamblingRound said...

Neat! Apparently sculptures like this are becoming commonplace. I saw another one somewhere on DPB today.

Anonymous said...

Nice spot. I like your photo of it too. Nice work.

I got to fly last night. I mean I just dove in and flew. You can find out how on my blog post today.

The Gearharts said...

I love those sculptures. Get your guns up!:D
Amy G

Su said...

Thanks, everyone! This sculpture makes me smile, though, because half the seating area is taken up by stone people! Makes me wonder if the White Witch has been around. Where's Aslan when you need him?

Miguel Angel Servellón said...

It is a wonderful photography, congratulation