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27 June 2007

Didn't even know you could!

It seems a bit ludicrous to have a shop called "Ski Lubbock" since the nearest place to ski is at least a 4-hour drive away, and our average yearly snowfall is somewhere around 8 inches. And yet, here it is!


brykMantra said...

Ha! "Ski Lubbock" started as a T-shirt (since "skiing Lubbock" was a ridiculous idea) in the mid-70's, and the sports shop taking the name followed soon thereafter.

I think I might have even had the shirt at one time!

Anyway, when I was at Tech, there actually were a lot of people there for the skiing! See, Lubbock is the closest major in-state college to the N.M. slopes, so lots of Dallas kids chose it for that reason alone! Yeah, sounds crazy to me too, but how else do you explain "Ski Lubbock"?

(PS: Great site! I found it on Look at This (seehere.blogspot.com).)

Su said...

Thanks very much! I didn't do any research into the store, I've just always found it funny. Plus, it's a really nice building.

It's kind of exciting to know that you found me via another blog!

brykMantra said...

Yeah, the guy behind Look at This lives in Newcastle UK and is one of my best blogging buddies. He and I worked together on huge Texas post a couple of years ago. Here's a link to the article where your link appeared: