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21 November 2007

Messing with Texas

Not the most appealing picture I've ever taken! Litterers frustrate me to no end-- the more so here because there are rubbish bins just a few yards away.


Dan said...

Hi Su, I share your frustration! I was hiking through a local nature preserve earlier in the week and found empty water bottles and granola bar wrappers strewn along the trail. I guess people still expect their mom to clean up after them. Some never grow up.

Coffee Messiah said...

Ahh, that's like here. Sad when you see people tossing not only from the car, but as you mention, right near a trash can! ; ( Grrrrr

Su said...

It makes me crazy, but unfortunately, the civic authorities have not given me permission to retaliate. Although, I do like the recent advert that ran in which the man made a tree out of litter and left it on the litter's car. Great stuff.